For about ten years now, patients from Italy have chosen Albania as a destination for solving their dental problems.
Dental tourism in Albania is certainly motivated by low costs but the reasons why many Italian patients rely on dentists in Albania to support treatments, dental implants and more, are many… and go beyond the economic advantages.

An expanding phenomenon

Over the past decade, the phenomenon of health travel has grown tremendously.
Although the prices of the interventions, especially those of dental implantology, are advantageous and can be defined as 'low cost' compared to the Italian ones, it is the value for money combined with the experience and the choice of continuous professional and technological updating that determines the true success of the dental tourism.
Our clinic continuously invests in our education (we continuously update ourselves on professional and technological issues by regularly participating in dental conferences and seminars) as well as in the latest generation of materials and equipment.
The idea of solving a health problem in combination with a nice trip significantly affects the choice of going abroad for dental tourism. Quality dental care combined with relaxation, well-being and recreation, breaking away from the routine, possibly even accompanied by family or friends is what we can offer you if you come and visit us. The idea is a winning one and allows you to make the treatment just a parenthesis in an extremely pleasant and relaxing context. This is exactly what we hear every day at our clinic, happy to be able to offer not only a smile to our patients, but also many more reasons to smile.

Why are the prices so low?

Many people think that the convenience of prices is dictated by the use of lower quality materials and/or equipment. But nothing could be more wrong. Materials and equipment, as well as all medical and health procedures, are fully compliant with EU standards, certified, certified and guaranteed. At the same time, the reasons that determine lower or more affordable prices for dentists in Albania are determined by a lower taxation system and a cost of living that is lower in Albania than in Italy.

All these factors have contributed to the success of dental tourism and affordable prices, combined with the highest quality of dental services, without sacrificing reliability and safety.

Our dental clinic is among the best clinics not only in Tirana but also in the rest of Albania.
We are here to help you make your dream a fantastic smile!

We are waiting for you, come and meet us personally.

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